Siding Restoration Service

Don’t replace, RESTORE your siding!

Restore your old faded siding!

Restoration takes just two days.
Day 1: Power wash or Hand Wipe (generally done in 2-5 hours)
Day 2: Properly mask and protect all areas not to be restored. Refinish those areas contracted for restoration. Restore house and grounds to better than original condition (generally completed in 4-6 hours).

Your restored siding looks better than new!
The finished product is surprisingly impressive; as a matter of fact, it’s a work of art!!

Pertaining to metal sidings, older siding is a better grade of siding. The older the siding the heavier the gauge or thickness of metal. Today’s newer sidings are half the gauge of siding 15 years or older.

Unlike the limited color selection when purchasing new sidings, when contracting Renaissance privately there are hundreds of colors to choose from.

Whether choosing colors to mix and match soffits, fascia, and gutters, or just changing the color of your existing siding and shutters. We have over 40 years experience coinciding colors that work with your landscape and roof color.

Restoration saves you over 75% in replacement costs.

Our restored siding warranty is the best in the industry.

This process will add thousands of dollars to your home at resale time.