Vinyl, Steel, & Aluminum Siding Restoration

We provide repairs for warranty issues within the U.S. and Canada.

Aluminum, Steel, Solid Vinyl, Polypropylene & Fiber Cement Coating

Garage Doors, Pole Barns & More

Don’t replace, restore!


We’re here to talk to you about your needs and how we can help! Reach out to us to discuss your project and request a consultation.

Client Stories

  • It is a pleasure to recommend your company and those that work for you, exemplary in every way! Your administration staff is top-notch and service technicians in the field are first class.

    Jeff Carson
    KP Building Products
  • I’ve been hearing rave reviews so far as to how the product is turning out and looking on the siding so far. Also, great compliments on how professional your crew has been. Our board President ran into one of the works and he was very insightful and courteous.

    Dustin Henfrey
    Highland Court


With over 40 years of hands on restoration experience, locally & internationally.

Completing thousands of restorations for dozens of Manufacturers. Continually developing and perfecting application techniques as well as coatings materials themselves!

Renaissance Warrantied Services can easily Correct and Repair Warranty Issues Internationally. Specializing in Aluminum Steel, Solid Vinyl, Polypropylene, and Fiber cement coatings.

We also specialize in Field Restorations, Garage Doors and Pole Barns.